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Latin America Solidarity Centre (LASC)


The Latin America Solidarity Centre (LASC) is a membership-based organisation. The main object of the organisation is to promote solidarity and achieve greater support in Ireland for those individuals, groups and communities in Latin America that seek to create a fair, inclusive and sustainable world. From its foundation in 1996, LASC has challenged the many social, environmental, and economic issues facing Latin America, always working in solidarity and cooperation with the people affected.

LASC organizes a wide array of events and activities that seek to build closer ties between the people of Ireland and Latin America. If like us you are interested in Latin American culture and want to develop this interest, our events are a great place to start. Make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for details of upcoming events in your area. Among the events we offer are courses on Latin American development, talks on contemporary issues, documentary screenings and cultural events celebrating the region’s music, dance and food.

We also offer courses in Latin American Spanish, delivered by a native teacher. If you are thinking of travelling to the region, have Latin American friends you want to communicate with, or just have an interest in learning Spanish, this course is ideal for you. We offer courses at both Beginner and Continuation levels, typically starting in January, April, July and October. We also arrange private classes.

So look us up online,

call us on 01-67604365,

or just drop in to our offices in the Annex, you are always welcome.

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