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Special Events in the Garden


Little Learners Montessori and Stay and Play afterschool invite children and their parents to come and play with us. We will be running special events each season and these will be advertised in ABCD and on

The idea behind the garden is to create an innovative outdoor play space that will inspire and encourage children and bring families together to create fun and memories. The theme of the garden is to reuse and recreate items and everyone is invited to make and display their own art.


Whats in the Garden?

The garden hosts the largest inflatable tent in Ireland. This ensures that all our planned activities can go ahead regardless of the weather. The tent will host, arts and crafts classes, music, games and of course bar b ques


The Owlery

Our back wall is home to our Owlery. These owls have been made from recycled materials. Please feel free to add your owl made by your family.


Our garden is home to our rabbit and hens. Theres a dragons nest and we are waiting for the eggs to hatch. 


Fairy Garden

We are worried that the fairies are running out of space in the city so we have decided to build them a village. We invite everyone to build a house or castle and display it in the village. In order to know if the fairies have moved in we have installed a 

Wishing Chair and Wishing Well

We will only know if the fairies have arrived if wishes come true. If you make a wish and it is granted please tie a ribbon to the Wishing Well


Story House

Our fantastic story house  is ready to star in your own story

Bee Garden and Willow Arch

Our planting program is aimed to encourage and help bees. Bees are in danger of becoming endangered and its vital for all of us that they thrive. Children are encouraged to plant and  care for nature.


Wire fence

Calling all knitters. We are planning to create a huge art work based on the wire fence. We have over 80 feet to fill with creative pieces and need knitting needles at the ready. 

If you are interested in what we are trying to do and would like to add something to the garden please contact Nessa at 085 1449610





The Childrens festival will launch our events schedule. It will take place on 29th and 30th August.

The whole ABCD building will host demonstrations and workshops of dance, music, art, singing,martial arts, sports, childrens marathon and family treasure hunt. There will be fun for everyone and we ask that you come and support our first effort



Come and play traditional games and take part in our parade. 


Come and visit our recycled Christmas Village and make decorations and presents for your loved ones


St Patricks Day

We will host a parade and a ceili


Easter bonnets and egg hunt




If you want to host a Communion, Birthday or other special event contact us.

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