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The Art and Business Campus Drumcondra is located at 40 Lower Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9. The building is now home to a diverse community of creative talent. Studio space has been allocated to the art of martial arts and yoga, ballet and dance and the business of getting fit, others in the business of solutions. We nurture the creative talent of children with our Montessori and Little Learners classes. Theatre, drama, graphic design and photography all add to the creative energy. Nelly’s Resturant, SmallChanges Whole Food and Perfect Pizza are exponents of excellence in food offering.  The space can be used for co working, individual studio space, individual workshop, and rotational space, exhibitions– various combinations.  

The centre is set up to be self-funding – and to give an outlet to enterprising people.  The ethos and direction is for people to work together in a spirit of enterprise and collaboration – to grow organically in union with and to be dependent upon one another to succeed. We want to lead an arts and business community with all its creativity and to push the boundaries to new heights - give presence to the old skills and also embrace new ideas coming through.

Studio space is now available to all interested in developing a business, a brand or identity; anyone who wishes to fulfil a dream.


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Arts and Business Campus Drumcondra
40 Lower Drumcondra Road
Dublin 9

086 3630939  - Val


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